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In terms of their strength and depth, they are absolutely first-class.



Adams & Remers is a modern firm with a long history.

Trinity House, our Lewes office, has been home to Sussex lawyers since the middle of the 15th century, since the Trayton family – with its Lewes lawyers – made it their family house for many generations.   We can trace the line of our current practice back to 1925, when Colonel Adams first became a partner of Hunt Nicholson & Adams.  By 1950 the firm was known as Adams & Co.  John Remers joined the practice in 1951 and in 1960 he became a partner and the firm was then renamed Adams & Remers.   Colonel Adams retired in 1973 and John Remers then became senior partner.  In the 1970’s and 80’s Kevin Ardagh became a leading partner in the firm.  He retired in 2003, succeeded by his brother Paul who retired in 2006, to be succeeded by our current partnership.  In 2010 we opened our London Office at Dukes Court, 32 Duke Street St James’s.

We are keen to keep our tradition of giving excellent client service now and in the future.



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