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Social Networking Can Risk Career Prospects

15 February 2010

Anyone job hunting should be aware that according to research 32% of all HR managers already use facebook and myspace as recruitment tools and 20% of them have also been put off a prospective candidate by drunken photos or rude comments the person has made and displayed online.

And for this year’s school and University leavers in particular who have grown up with the internet, our Employment Team at Adams & Remers has some strong advice: “Whilst you as an individual have a legal right to privacy, the web is a public forum and any content on a social networking or video sharing site that is generally accessible may be lawfully reviewed by prospective employers.”

“When deciding whether or not to recruit someone an HR manager may take into account a wide range of information that can be gleaned from these sites, such as: communication skills, hobbies and activities, attitude, personality, what is said about former employers and the types of friend the individual is linked to.”

Employers however should make sure their Human Resource staff are aware of the factors that they should not lawfully take into account when deciding whether to recruit which include: “Religion, race/ethnic origin/colour, sexual orientation, marital status, any disabilities and age.”

“The problem is that nine times out of ten you will not know that the HR manager has seen your Facebook page or YouTube videos and will simply be told that the job was given to a candidate with better qualifications or experience. The country may officially be out of the recession but the job market is going to remain very competitive for the foreseeable future, so don’t rule yourself out for a fantastic position just because of your drunken New Year’s Eve photos!”

Survey by www.yasni.co.uk Feb 09 in the UK amongst 900+ HR professionals

32% of all HR managers and personnel use facebook and myspace as recruitment tools

20% of them have been put off a candidate by drunken photos 47% and rude comments 22%



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