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Thinking of proposing? Look before you leap

08 February 2012

Leap year proposals, be prepared.

Modern men may be used to women taking the initiative in life and this year’s leap year presents women with an excellent opportunity to move dawdling relationships to the next level by popping the question on 29th February.

For the many successful single individuals who have worked hard to get a foot on the property ladder, or who have built up a pot of savings and assets, getting married can be very daunting. Equally for those who have already been married, rushing into another marriage may be a low priority. Marriages rarely start off on an equal footing where finances are concerned and many couples want to keep their finances separate and don’t like the thought of someone else deciding what happens to their assets if the relationship breaks down.

And for the many young people who have a foot on the property ladder, who may have received help from their parents or grandparents, the thought of rushing into marriage and sharing the financial benefits of their home does not go down well with parents.

While it may not seem romantic, discussing financial issues and attitudes to money before one marries is important to help prevent arguments later.

Advice for any women who may be thinking of taking matters into her own hands on February 29th? Give some thought to your own financial situation, and look before you leap.


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