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Family & Matrimonial

The matters that arise in Family Law are often sensitive, distressing and difficult. Our advice covers many different aspects of family life and for people at varying stages in their lives.

We give pragmatic, informed advice and find effective solutions – with or without court proceedings – to tricky and emotionally-charged situations.

Above all we are great listeners – and we find practical solutions without fuss.

Whether you are entering into a relationship or involved in the impact of a relationship breakdown it is important to seek specialist advice in order to make the right decisions for you, your family members and dependants. We can help, here’s how.

Pre-Nuptial & Partnerships

If you are thinking of moving in with your partner, entering into a civil partnership or marrying we can advise on current legislation and prepare a cohabitation agreement, pre-civil partnership agreement or pre-nuptial agreement. By agreeing the steps to be taken should your relationship fail – you can endeavour to keep to a minimum the emotional impact as well as the potential for lengthy and costly disputes.

Relationship Breakdown

If you are cohabiting and your relationship breaks down we can help resolve disputes as to property rights as well as issues arising in relation to children including the provision of a home or maintenance.  Currently there is no legislation to specifically assist couples who separate after living together. This can add to an already difficult situation. Our specialist advice can assist in clarifying your options and providing possible solutions.

Separation Proceedings

We can assist with the commencement of judicial separation proceedings, divorce proceedings or the dissolution of a civil partnership proceedings. Our experience and expertise enables us to undertake this necessary element of the Court process in a practical and efficient manner.

Income & Assets

We can help resolve the financial aspects following a marriage or civil partnership breakdown. We advise on the division of capital assets, including companies, farms and pensions. When necessary we can take steps to preserve assets. We will also deal with the provision of financial support through maintenance and school fees. Our legal knowledge and wide ranging experience enables us to provide practical, sensible and informed advice. We are able to call on experts in other practices where necessary and have an excellent team of specialist lawyers who can deal with other matters that might arise. We will explore whether there can be any constructive negotiation and will recommend mediation if appropriate.  If court proceedings are necessary we will offer clear advice to guide you through the process whilst keeping all your options under constant review.  Our aim is to achieve a fair, financially viable solution whilst doing our best to keep the dispute to a minimum and thus reduce the cost to you both financially and emotionally.

Enforcement or Variation

We can deal with the enforcement of orders and advise on variation of maintenance. Our advice is sensible and realistic. We will consider the costs/benefits analysis for you.

Parental Responsibilities

We can offer assistance with issues surrounding children. We can help not only the natural parents but also step-parents and extended family. We advise on issues such as parental responsibility, special guardianship, where a child will live, including moving abroad, contact, and emergency protection orders including abduction or wrongful removal. Dealing with disputes of this nature is often difficult and emotive. Our experience enables us to give pragmatic advice and support but with sympathy and understanding. We will explore the best method of resolving the dispute whether it be through mediation, negotiation or issuing court proceedings.

Domestic Violence

Where it is necessary to consider taking steps to protect from domestic violence, abuse or harassment, we are able to give advice on the different options available for self protection. We can deal with these matters sensitively, provide reassurance and support whilst ensuring the legal steps are taken to ensure personal safety and wellbeing.

Claims by Dependants

We are able to assist with maintenance claims in a variety of circumstances; including children who continue with their education beyond secondary level. Where a family member or someone upon whom you were dependant dies without making proper provision for ongoing support we can assist with a claim against the estate. At a difficult and distressing time the advice we provide will be clear and practical. We will attempt to achieve a negotiated solution but when necessary commence court proceedings on your behalf.

Work scope

  • Prenuptial agreements / pre-civil partnership agreements
  • Postnuptial/separation agreements
  • Advice and/or cohabitation agreements for couples contemplating living together
  • Advice and assistance on relationship breakdowns / marriage breakdowns whether living together, married or in a civil partnership
  • Divorce, judicial separation or dissolution of civil partnership proceedings
  • Resolving the financial issues to include financial support through maintenance or school fees, division of assets, including property and pensions
  • Enforcement of orders
  • Variation of maintenance
  • Issues surrounding children, including parental responsibility, residence, contact, child protection
  • Protection from domestic violence, abuse and harassment
  • Claims by dependants on death


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